International Journal of Urologic History

The First Two Total Cystectomies – A brief history of failed-successes

Harry Herr
First Published: July 1, 2021
DOI: 10.53101/IJUH71215
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Radical cystectomy is a complex surgery for bladder cancer which has undergone progressive changes for a century. The originators of the procedure required pioneering innovation and their biographies place the challenges of radical cystectomy in proper perspective


English and German textbooks and secondary sources


Bernard Bardenheuer (1839-1913) and Karl Pawlik (1849-1914) performed the world’s first two cystectomies for bladder cancer, overcoming challenges of contemporary anesthesia, vascular control, and renal drainage.


The originators of radical cystectomy illustrate that true advances in surgery require bold innovation and forward thinking but also that the limitations of contemporary technology must be overcome.

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