International Journal of Urologic History

Issue Highlights

Assuring Excellence: The Inventions, Life, and Leadership of Edgar Garrison Ballenger

Alice T. Chu, Samuel R. Donnenfeld, Vikram M. Narayan

First Published: Sept. 24, 2023

A History of Four Chinese Herbs Used to Treat Acute and Chronic Urinary Disorders

Amanda Rubano, Ronald Rabinowitz, and Divya Ajay

First Published: Sept. 24, 2023

Walt Whitman, John Mahay, and Urotrauma in the American Civil War

Michael W. Witthaus, Laena Hines, Eric Mathews, Marni Rabinowitz, Steven Hudak, and Ronald Rabinowitz

First Published: Sept. 24, 2023

Editor in Chief: John L. Phillips, MD
Journal Design: Akhil A. Saji, MD
DOI: 10.53101
US ISSN: 2769-2183